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We value our patients' experience at Derleth Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Thank you in advanced, 
Dr's Phil and Paula Derleth

Dear Dr. Derleth,
I just can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped me. Your personal approach to treatment really made me comfortable during this very uncomfortable time. You have really helped me to get through this pregnancy. I only wish I came to see you the last time, I could have saved myself months of discomfort. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thanks again. 
Rachel M.

I started seeing Dr Derleth in my sixth month of pregnancy.  I was having pregnancy related carpal tunnel and sciatica, along with all the other aches and pains that accompany pregnancy.  After my first visit with her I noticed  remarkable relief in my carpal tunnel pain and numbness as well as a decrease in my discomfort from the sciatica. In my seventh month of pregnancy I found out the baby was lying breech, after ONE visit with Dr Derleth using the Webster Breech Technique, the baby flipped into the correct position.  Needless to say, I was elated!  I would strongly recommend chiropractic care to any woman who is pregnant.  I was hesitant at first, but was easily put at ease by Dr Derleth and her knowledge and advanced training with prenatal care.  I always look forward to appointment day and the relief I will experience!  Thank you so much Dr Derleth for making my pregnancy comfortable!  
Jen H.

Dear Dr. Derleth,Thank you so much for the phenomenal medical care with which you have provided me. I truly feel I could approach you with any ache or pain and you would find a way to fix it. Thanks to your physical treatment of my calf cramps paired with the vitamin supplementation you advised, I am completely cramp free today. It is such a relief to sleep soundly through the night! On that note, I am also able to sleep with my arms raised over my head once again without numbness. You are incredible. Thank you again for your kind, understanding approach and determination to help me reach my optimal health.Sincerely,Kelly C.
"Dr. Phil is a gentle, kind, and astute practitioner. He is friendly, always runs on time, and I'm thankful for giving chiropractic care a try. Staff is always pleasant, the office is clean, relaxing, and inviting. Highly recommend."
Erin S

"I've been going to chiropractic care for the better part of 12yrs and have seen some excellent practitioners. Phil and Paula take it to the next level. Their skill, knowledge, friendly and welcoming demeanors are the crown jewels in their amazing total holistic care facility and parners. I cannot recommend anyone more highly. "
Ian H.

"Derleth Chiropractic is amazing. My three children (ages 3 months, 3 years and 5 years) and I see Dr Phil and Dr Paula regularly. During my most recent pregnancy I was not able to walk much, but after seeing Dr Phil, I was moving around just fine- and the adjustments most definitely gave me strength for the labor and birth. My sons love Dr Paula and Dr Phil- they know how to make them comfortable, and clearly care about making chiropractic fun. I always recommend East Side Wellness. "

"Both Dr Paula and Dr Phil have adjusted me with absolute perfection...I have been plagued with sore hamstrings from over-running for years and they were not only able to address it at my visit, but showed me how to help myself at home (and it doesn't involve taking time off or starting yoga!) Not only that, but Dr Paula provided supplements to help with a totally unrelated issue. Two fabulous doctors who I highly recommend. "
Whitney T.

"I started seeing Dr. Phil in the middle of my pregnancy. I had been struggeling with back pain for a several months, but I didn't know that it was safe to see a chiropractor. After my first visit I asked myself why I hadn't seen someone sooner! I had so much relief, I continued seeing him on a regular basis, as needed, righ until I delivered. I would highly recommend the East Side Wellness group- I have also used one of the Doulas & the lactation consultants there. Wonderful experience"

"I am very pleased with Dr. Phil and Dr. Paula's work. I feel much better and have total trust in their judgment. They both know the importance of good health and have always answered all of my questions with the most updated information. I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in maintaining optimum health through their work."
Lucy. D

"Started going to Dr. Paula for fatigue reflux, and hormonal issues. I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first, but am very health conscious and want to be in the best physical and mental condition. Truthfully, about 2 weeks in I noticed a big difference in energy levels and overall "feeling better". Also, her wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and how it affects the body is priceless-I will continue on my journey with Dr. Paula!"

"Dr Paula provides outstanding care! She has helped me with a chronic injury that other chiropractors haven't been able to and also with care to improve a current illness with nutritional supplementation."

"Thanks so much for the dedication and care of my back and shoulder. I'm almost back to where I need to be thanks to Dr. Phil. "
Mark S.

"Dr. Paula and Dr. Phil have helped our family so much! My husband, daughter and myself all benefit greatly from regular adjustments. "

"My daughter (4 yrs old) and I have a bi-weekly appointments with Dr. Paula. The office is very welcoming; from the Tea Bar, play area in the Lobby, to the sticker Audrey receives after every appointment from Kim at the Front Desk. The care is top notch and staff incredibly knowledgable and helpful! The East Side Wellness Center has become our second home...well for a half an hour every month. "
Wendy F

".I started seeing Dr. Derleth two days after I threw my back out trying to relive High School glory days while working out.  I had back surgery on discs L3, L4, and L5 in the summer of 2003 and felt that this is where I was headed again.  After my first visit with her I noticed remarkable relief in my lower back and the numbness in my left leg completely disappeared.  I followed up with Dr. Derleth with four more appointments with-in a week and a half time period; in which the turn around in the flexibility and painlessness of my back was unbelievable!  It was refreshing when she told me that I would now only have to see her once every six weeks.  My last chiropractor told me that I would need to be seen twice a week for the rest of my life in order to stay pain free. I was hesitant at first because I have already had back surgery, but Dr. Derleth put this fear to rest after my first appointment. Her diagnosis skills and knowledge can not be matched. I strongly recommend the chiropractic care of Dr. Derleth.  Thank you for your treatment!"

Anthony P.

"For several months I gradually was losing feeling in my left had. At first it was my pinky finger and then it was all of them. It felt like my hand was constantly asleep. I had no strength and could hardly lift groceries. The numbness traveled up my arm and I was in constant pain. The pain caused complete muscle stiffness through my shoulders and neck. I went to see my chiropractor and just got the usual twice a week adjustments. I got instant relief, but by the next day the numbness and pain were back. I went to see Dr. Derleth and she proceeded to do ART muscle work. Between the adjustment and muscle work I had immediate relief with the numbness. I went back a week later with improvement. I was now having longer periods of time without my hand going numb. After about 4 treatments I saw lasting relief. It has been 2 months and I have yet to feel an ounce of numbness in my hand.

Thank you for taking the time to treat me. I did not see an end to my pain and grew very frustrated and now I am back to my happy, pain free self!  

Thank you!"

Jessica S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Paula’s for a while and have been delighted with the results we have achieved.  She is patient and listens to my issues, then uses several tools to help my pain issues and my ability to walk without pain.  I have adopted her philosophy of wellness, and continue to visit her to stay well.  My main issue was lower back pain and foot pain.  I have had several operations on my toes, that lead to scar tissue and tightness and pain in my feet and toes.  She has been using ART and ultrasound to break up the adhesions and scar tissue in my feet.  She has been working on my spine at the same time.  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to go walking and not be in pain!  I’m so glad I found a doctor that takes the whole body not just symptoms that are pieces of the puzzle, but not the whole puzzle.  She has suggested things for me to do at home in conjunction with what she does at her office, and together we are getting fantastic results.  I plan on making this a life commitment.  My whole body feels so much better since I have been seeing Dr. Paula.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to make a commitment to living healthy and well. I wish I had started seeing her when I was younger!"
Janet D

"Dr. Paula Derleth has been instrumental in keeping my back pain free.  I started to visit her after having back pain from an old herniated disk in my lower back.  When I started, I got immediate pain relief from Dr. Paula’s approach to the entire body. I am now pain free due to her chiropractic approach which was much different than my last chiropractor; she is gentle yet very effective and addresses not only the spine but the muscles as well.  I maintain wellness care once a month to keep my spine moving and to keep me subluxation free.  I now understand the importance of Chiropractic care in my wellness plan, just as the dentist is important for my teeth etc..  Dr. Paula is also knowledgeable about a variety of vitamins and is always happy to help find the right vitamin for your individual needs.  Overall I would highly recommend the care of Dr. Paula; she has made a world of difference in my life! 
Thank you Dr. Paula!"
Amy F.

Dear Dr. Paula,

Thank you for the superior service that you have provided me. Since coming to you, my lower back has seen a dramatic increase in flexibility, and a decrease in pain. Originally, I was quite skeptical about being treated by a chiropractor. Fortunately, my thoughts were incorrect and I have seen a
positive change in my lower back, as well as my attitude. I recommend your services to anyone who is in need of a good chiropractor.

Best regards,

Patrick D.

"I started seeing Dr. Derleth when I was 24 weeks pregnant.  I had heard and read about the benefits of Chiropractic care during pregnancy and was hoping it would help ease the pain I was experiencing from my pregnancy related sciatica and carpal tunnel, as well as easing the pain of labor and delivery.  After my first visit I had a considerable decrease in my discomfort so I continued to see Dr. Derleth weekly throughout my pregnancy. During my visits Dr. Derleth would adjust me as well as give me guidance about stretches and positions and supplements that would help with the pain of pregnancy, as well as labor and delivery.  I truly believe being in alignment helped me through my labor and delivery.  My second stage of labor was very short and I delivered in 20 minutes without any pain medications.  When my son was a week old I had Dr. Derleth adjust him.  She was extremely gentle and soothing to him. She explained in detail everything she was checking and doing. I found out that the amount of pressure needed to adjust an infant was nothing more than a gentle touch. Dr. Derleth is extremely knowledgeable in the care of pregnant women as well as infants and children.  I have always felt comfortable in her care as well as placing my newborn in her care."


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  • "Dr. Phil is a gentle, kind, and astute practitioner. He is friendly, always runs on time, and I'm thankful for giving chiropractic care a try. Staff is always pleasant, the office is clean, relaxing, and inviting. Highly recommend!"
    Erin S. / Fairport, NY

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